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  • Algorithm type: key encapsulation mechanism
  • Main cryptographic assumption: module learning with rounding
  • Scheme authors: Jan-Pieter D’Anvers, Angshuman Karmakar, Sujoy Sinha Roy, Frederic Vercauteren
  • Authors’ website:
  • Version: NIST Round 3 submission


  • Source of implementation: via
  • Implementation version:, master, 19b438ba5c7c3a6f2194cd8bda14821dc33c64a3
  • License: Public domain
  • Constant-time: Yes
  • Optimizations: Portable C with AVX2 instructions (if available at run-time)

Parameter sets

Parameter set Security model Claimed NIST security level Public key size (bytes) Secret key size (bytes) Ciphertext size (bytes) Shared secret size (bytes)
LightSaber-KEM IND-CCA2 1 672 1568 736 32
Saber-KEM IND-CCA2 3 992 2304 1088 32
FireSaber-KEM IND-CCA2 5 1312 3040 1472 32

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