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OQS algorithm performance visualizations

These pages visualize measurements taken by the OQS profiling project.

  1. KEM algorithms runtime (liboqs speed_kem)
  2. SIG algorithms runtime (liboqs speed_sig)
  3. KEM algorithms memory use (liboqs test_kem)
  4. SIG algorithms memory use (liboqs test_mem_sig)
  5. KEM/SIG OpenSSL performance (openssl speed)
  6. TLS handshakes performance (openssl s_time)

Measurements have been taken on an AWS c4 instance with -O3 compile optimizations. Algorithms labelled -ref are reference (C-code only) implementations compiled without special CPU feature support. Algorithms without this moniker are compiled with all CPU extensions available to achieve best performance figures.

These graphs will be extended over time to other CPU types and cloud infrastructures.

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