OQS algorithm performance visualizations

These pages visualize measurements taken by the OQS profiling project.


  1. KEM algorithms runtime (liboqs speed_kem)
  2. SIG algorithms runtime (liboqs speed_sig)
  3. KEM algorithms memory use (liboqs test_kem)
  4. SIG algorithms memory use (liboqs test_mem_sig)
  5. KEM/SIG OpenSSL performance (openssl speed)
  6. TLS handshakes performance (openssl s_time)

Additional information

Algorithms labelled -ref are reference (C-code only) implementations compiled without special CPU feature support. Algorithms without this moniker are compiled with all CPU extensions available but with code portability/distributability features switched on (see here for details about this option). Algorithm names ending in -noport represent measurements taken without portability/distributability enabled (i.e., such code may crash when executed on machines without suitable performance-enhancing CPU features).

These graphs will be extended over time to other CPU types and cloud infrastructures.

We are grateful to Amazon Web Services for supplying compute-time credits for our benchmarking platform.

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