Our Team

OQS is part of the Linux Foundation’s Post-Quantum Cryptography Alliance.

Getting Involved

All our work is done as open source via our GitHub project. We welcome all types of contributions: new algorithms, source code, code review, bug reports, new integrations, documentation. Feel free to begin participating on GitHub, say hello on our Discord server on the #oqs-general channel, or reach out to Douglas Stebila for more information.

OQS Technical Steering Committee

The OQS Technical Steering Committee provides oversight of the OQS project. The current members of the Technical Steering Committee are:


We are grateful to the many contributors to OQS over the years. Please see the list of contributors in our projects on GitHub.

Past members of the core team

The co-founders of the Open Quantum Safe project were Michele Mosca and Douglas Stebila at the University of Waterloo.

Past members of the OQS core team include: Eric Crockett, John Schanck, Goutam Tamvada, and Thom Wiggers.


The Open Quantum Safe project incorporates and adapts a variety of open source cryptographic software. See the individual project pages for lists of contributors and external software. We especially acknowledge algorithm implementations via the PQClean project.

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