Project leaders

University of Waterloo

Core team

  • Michael Baentsch (
  • Eric Crockett (Amazon Web Services)
  • Vlad Gheorghiu (softwareQ / University of Waterloo)
  • Basil Hess (IBM Research)
  • Christian Paquin (Microsoft Research)
  • Goutam Tamvada (University of Waterloo)


Nicholas Allen (Amazon Web Services), Maxime Anvari, Sofía Celi (Cloudflare), Vitaly Chikunov, Ben Davies (University of Waterloo), Ryan Deschamps (University of Waterloo), Matías Dieguez, Javad Doliskani, Nir Drucker (Amazon Web Services), Ted Eaton (University of Waterloo), Nicholas Fulton (Arizona State University), Jason Goertzen (University of Waterloo), Shay Gueron (Amazon Web Services), Torben Hansen (Royal Holloway, University of London), Kevin Kane (Microsoft Research), Nikita Karpey, Dusan Kostic (Amazon Web Services), Piotr Kubaj (Intel), Tancrède Lepoint, Yong Jian Ming, Shravan Mishra, Dimitris Mouris (University of Delaware), Brian Neill (University of Waterloo), Alex Parent (University of Waterloo), John Schanck (University of Waterloo), Peter Schwabe (Radboud University), Dimitris Sikeridis (University of New Mexico, Cisco Systems), John Underhill, Karolin Varner, Sebastian Verschoor (University of Waterloo), John Weston (Senetas), Thom Wiggers (Radboud University).

Getting Involved

All our work is done as open source via our GitHub project. We welcome all types of contributions: new algorithms, source code, code review, bug reports, new integrations, documentation. Feel free to begin participating on GitHub, or reach out to Douglas Stebila for more information.


The Open Quantum Safe project incorporates and adapts a variety of open source cryptographic software. See the individual project pages for lists of contributors and external software. We especially acknowledge algorithm implementations via the PQClean project.

We’d like to make a special acknowledgement to the companies who have dedicated programmer time to contribute source code to OQS, including Amazon Web Services, Cisco Systems, evolutionQ, IBM Research, Microsoft Research, Senetas, and softwareQ.

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