• Algorithm type: Key encapsulation mechanism.
  • Main cryptographic assumption: NTRU.
  • Principal submitters: Daniel J. Bernstein, Billy Bob Brumley, Ming-Shing Chen, Chitchanok Chuengsatiansup, Tanja Lange, Adrian Marotzke, Bo-Yuan Peng, Nicola Tuveri, Christine van Vredendaal, Bo-Yin Yang.
  • Authors’ website: https://ntruprime.cr.yp.to
  • Specification version: supercop-20200826.
  • Primary Source:
    • Source: https://github.com/PQClean/PQClean/commit/4c9e5a3aa715cc8d1d0e377e4e6e682ebd7602d6
    • Implementation license (SPDX-Identifier): Public domain
  • Ancestors of primary source:
    • https://github.com/jschanck/package-pqclean/tree/4d9f08c3/ntruprime, which takes it from:
    • supercop-20210604

Parameter set summary

Parameter set Parameter set alias Security model Claimed NIST Level Public key size (bytes) Secret key size (bytes) Ciphertext size (bytes) Shared secret size (bytes)
sntrup761 NA IND-CCA2 2 1158 1763 1039 32

sntrup761 implementation characteristics

Implementation source Identifier in upstream Supported architecture(s) Supported operating system(s) CPU extension(s) used No branching-on-secrets claimed? No branching-on-secrets checked by valgrind? Large stack usage?‡
Primary Source clean All All None True True False
Primary Source avx2 x86_64 Linux,Darwin AVX2 False True False

Are implementations chosen based on runtime CPU feature detection? Yes.

‡For an explanation of what this denotes, consult the Explanation of Terms section at the end of this file.

Explanation of Terms

  • Large Stack Usage: Implementations identified as having such may cause failures when running in threads or in constrained environments.

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